Why Is Smart Scope the Choice for You?


Smart Labs works with your existing microscopes to make teaching Science easy, and learning Science fun!

  • Teachers create the course content easily with the course builder tool. 
  • Teachers receive stats and data of student progress in real time. 
  • Teachers can identify areas where students need help, and provide that help easily in the course. 
  • Formative and summative assessments are streamlined for the teacher, which can later help with report cards. 
  • Teachers can use flexible teaching methods to support students’ needs and help them with learning and comprehension.


Students have fun playing games and learning at the same time

  • Everybody likes games! Students learn theory and practice by playing games on computers and devices they already use. 
  • Students can assess themselves and teachers can assess them too. 
  • Interactive quizzes are fun and engaging, it does not feel like a test so there is no stress for the student. 
  • Microscope automation allows students to have a better view and better control of the microscope while in school and at home.
  • Multiple students can view the sample at the same time and have group collaboration (can capture pictures of the sample, do some measurements, and share them with each other and with the teacher).