Smart Stage


Smart Labs Ltd. offers a Smart Stage 1.0 (SS1.0) which automates your existing light microscope.



This stage consists of only three simple parts: the XYZ motorized Stage, Auto-focus, and Joystick. With only one cord, your light microscope can connect to any PC. Students can operate the microscope via their computers (touchscreen) or joystick provided.

Automation of the microscope provides students with 24/7 remote access to the laboratory through the internet. By booking a time slot to access the microscope, students are free to explore, reassess, and review what they learned in class.

With the Smart Stage 1.0, students get access to a better and more exciting view of the materials placed under the microscope. They can access that material using an approach where they can share, have fun and learn together via technology they are already familiar with and in a safe environment. Moreover, students can see more of the sample being examined and have better control of the microscope. They can take pictures of the samples, measure different parts, and share the information and pictures digitally with their peers and teacher. Remote access of microscopes caters to different students’ needs and enables important learning for all.