Smart Scope - Teacher



Smart Scope Teacher software is provided to teachers in order to create and edit course content for the Smart Scope Student (Cell Ninja) software that is provided to students. This course builder is intuitive, chronologically ordered (parallel to the cell biology learning software - based on what the students), and has pop-up instructions on each tab. Moreover, a course sharing platform will be provided in order for teachers to share their own courses with other teachers using this software.

Course Builder

Course builder

The Smart Scope software consists of an interactive educational game and an assessment portion. Through the course builder teachers are able to change, edit, and add content to both the game and assessment portions of the software.

Automatic Assistant Classification System

The classification system enables teachers to train the system to identify different objects. This way, when students examine a cell for example, and they do not know what the cell is, they can capture an image of it and ask the system to identify it. The automatic assistant gives intelligence to the overall system.