Smart Scope 1.0


Smart Scope 1.0 consists of the Smart Scope Student (Cell Ninja) software, Smart Scope Teacher software, Smart Scope Server, and Smart Stage.

  • Smart Scope Student (Cell Ninja)

    Cell Ninja is a free student app available on Google Play for Androids, iPhones, PCs, and MACs. Students can access the software at or outside of school, and thus allowing for a more mobile application. Having a mobile software gives students the freedom to review the content and reassess themselves at any time they please.

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  • Smart Scope - Teacher

    Smart Scope Teacher

    The Smart Scope software consists of an interactive educational game, and an assessment portion. Through the course builder teachers are able to change, edit, and add content to both the game and assessment portions of the software.

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  • Smart Scope Server

    This is the set of software that resides on the server. It runs the microscopes and provides the necessary controls for the microscopes, to deliver video and so that the software can automatically classify images that the students see from the microscopes.

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  • Smart Stage

    Smart Scope's Smart Stage automates most existing light microscopes. 

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